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Please read the Guidance Notes for Research Grant Application for details.

  1. In general, members of any discipline or profession in the health or health-related field can apply for research funding. Grants may be awarded for research in tertiary institutions, hospitals, medical schools or other appropriate centres, units or services. Members of other disciplines, such as social welfare and education may also apply if the proposed research is within the ambit of the Health and Medical Research Fund (HMRF).

  2. The principal applicant shall be based in a Hong Kong institution throughout the project period and be employed by the administering institution at the time of submission of application.

  3. Individuals not employed by any administering institution and staff of Government Bureaux / Departments are not eligible to apply as principal applicants but their participation as Co-applicants is acceptable.

  4. Each principal applicant is allowed to submit one application only (either a new or a resubmission of application).

  5. Collaborative research, including collaboration with non-local institutions is encouraged: up to 9 co-applicants may work together in a project team.

  6. Applications declined on misconduct by the HMRF/Health Care and Promotion Fund (HCPF) or any other funding agencies will not be considered.

  7. Application for new funding will not be considered if the principal applicant has overdue final or dissemination report for project(s) supported by the HMRF, the former Research Fund for the Control of Infectious Diseases, the former Health and Health Services Research Fund or the HCPF.  Applicants’ track records of overdue or unacceptable reports are taken into consideration when assessing grant applications.

  8. Priority will be given to principal applicants with demonstrable capability in research leadership. The track records of the project team as a whole will be carefully considered when assessing grant applications.  Principal applicants are advised to select a project team that has the appropriate skills and experience to enable the proposed project to be conducted smoothly.